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Boat numbering and lettering

Get low-cost, vinyl boat lettering and custom boat and jet ski graphics using high-quality, OEM-compatible automotive/marine vinyl grade vinyl. We design and install weather resistant, vinyl boat registration numbers, custom vinyl boat lettering, and boat name lettering.

Make sure your boat meets legal requirements and enhance the look of your boat with our high quality vinyl boat registration numbers. Our vinyl boat numbers are coated for protection from the sun and meet the US Coast Guard guidelines. They resist fuel, fading and scratches.

Marine vinyl lettering

Get marine quality vinyl numbering from Mike's Stripes that meet legal standards. The certificate of number is small and must be on the vessel whenever it is being used. A validation decal is required to be placed along side the numbers on the port side of the vessel. Some states require decals on both port and starboard side. This decal is renewed annually. Learn more today: contact us.