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We use only the highest quality materials and guarantee our work, and we install at your location!

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Vinyl pinstriping and auto graphics

Enhance your vehicle's look quickly and inexpensively by adding a custom vinyl pinstripe or personalized graphic. Everything we do is custom-designed just for you. We use only the highest-quality materials and guarantee our work.

Vinyl is quicker and less expensive than custom air-brushed artwork while offering a great deal of design choices.Auto pinstriping is available in one color, two-tone, or in any combination. We can match your factory colors or create a custom look tailored to your vehicle.

Enhance dealer inventory

Enhance vehicle appeal, add customer value, increase marketing interest, and add to your profit margin. We come to you at your convenience. Learn more.

Personalize your boat, jet ski, truck or fleet

Personalize your boat, motorcyle, truck with your custom look, or we can design one for you. You'll love the personalized look.We can also customize your fleet vehicles or dealer inventory. Your customers will remember you and your business.

We come to you

Mike's Stripes mobile service comes to you or we can ship it to you with simple instructions. We use only the highest quality vinyl graphics, lettering, and pinstriping. We guarantee our work. Contact us for an appointment.